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Book recommendations, opinions, and whatever else I can think to share with you about these beloved paper friends

A Theme for 2012

I am a new year’s resolution maker- have been since I was a young teen.  I love the idea of a theme or focus for the year!  This year, my theme is “Remember!”  I have so many blessing for which I am thankful!  I must remember every one of them, and from whom they come!  I have a purpose, which I need to remember.  I need to remember who I am, the ideals for which I stand, and so much more.  My remembering assists me in retaining my focus, keeping a positive attitude and my faith, performing challenging tasks, and fighting off boredom in mundane and routine situations.  My remembrance of the important, sometimes simple and precious, sometimes complex and intricate aspects of my life holds a critical place in my experiencing joy, appreciation, and gratitude.  So, this year, I will focus on remembering, speaking, witnessing, studying, searching scriptures, and living in a way that promotes and manifests my remembrance.  I will teach my children to remember what they have learned and assist them each in building their perspective of  “the whys”- why they should learn, and why they should remember.

My younger children, Simon, Grace, Abigail, Sonnet, and I are working our way through C.S.LewisChronicles of Narnia.  (Side note:I love the Chronicles of Narnia!  I am a firm believer in reading the entire series and I think that those who read or watch the movies of only the three most popular books are really missing out!  The movies are wonderful, yet the series is wonderful when read in its proper order, and full of wonderful imagery and Christian symbolism -for those who are ready- and an awesome adventure for those who just want a good read.  Digital versions of the series are inexpensive, and one printing was a paperback 7-in-1 deal,  yet I love the illustrations in my paperback copies, which were the 50th Anniversary printing with Illustrations by Pauline Baynes, from 1955, which we’ve read over and over during the past 13 years.  If you’re experiencing on your own or want to listen during a commute, the books on disk are available in a set (more expensive, yet fun in its own way), each book touting a wonderful artist/actor (such as Kenneth Branagh or Jeremy North as its reader.)

Today, we began The Silver Chair, which is the sixth installment in the series.  The children in the story, Eustace Scrubbs and Jill Pole, learn some key signs, which they must remember, recognize, and to which they must respond to fulfill their “mission.”  I found a quiet, yet powerful teaching moment within our literature lesson, which I will remember and reference this year as we study, grow, and progress.

I am so excited for this new year, for my children’s potential and my own.  About what areas of your life are you particularly excited or passionate this year?


The Bibliophile

Yes, I am a bibliophile.  I am a lover of books, a collector, too, although I do not limit myself to the wonderful, hardbound volumes I adore.  A while back, I realized that many little tales that delight me are never printed in the hardbound format.  I’d like to out by sharing the books my children and I have read together over the past six months.  Some are absolutely amazing.  We try to maintain high standards, but because everyone has different expectations, please use your judgment.  My wish is to find, relish, and share what will uplift.  I call them Article 13 pieces; basically, uplifting, clean, noble, inspiring, praiseworthy art and media.

So, here is our list, with the hope that something will be a blessing.

Fiction- Fairy tales

Beauty Sleep- Cameron Dokey

Violet Eyes-Dokey   

The Night Dance- Suzanne Weyn

The World Above- Dokey

*The books above are all part of a YA series called Once Upon A Time and are wonderful retellings of some of the famous fairy tales.  These are clean, creative, and I have enjoyed all but two in the series.  Cameron Dokey is my favorite writer in the group, yet several of the others are very good as well.  I love Dokey’s imagery! 

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Pinocchio- Carlo Collodi




Jack and the Beanstalk

Beauty And The Beast-Beaumont

The Emperor’s New Clothes-Anderson

The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods- Heyer

East of the Sun and West of the Moon- Lynch

Hansel and Gretel


Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1-5- Riordan

Fablehaven books 1-5- Mull

The Candy Shop Wars- Mull  *Honestly, I have to list this, as we read it, but I cannot give it a high recommendation.  It gave me the creeps.

The Phantom Tollbooth- Norton Juster *This is a wonderful story, jammed with humor, adventure, beautiful language, and life lessons. 

A surfeit of similies- Norton Juster

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court- Mark Twain

Fiction- Family

The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew- Sullivan

Laddie: A True Blue Story- Porter


The Gift of the Magi- O. Henry

The Fourth Wiseman

The Old Man and The Tree- A parable

The King’s Highway-Fullmer

The Giving Tree-Silverstein  *I remember reading Silverstein’s poetry as a child, but as an adult many disappoint me.  This one gave us pause for great conversation.

The Little Red Hen

The Blind Men and The Elephant                                                                                        

The Little Engine That Could- Piper

Little Red Riding Hood


The Ugly Duckling

The Spyglass-Evans

Daughter of A King- Nunes

Christmas Tales

Twas The Night Before Christmas- Moore

A Christmas Bell For Anya-Stewart

Laughing All The Way- Beeson

Christmas Oranges-Bethers

The Littlest Angel

The Light of Christmas- Evans

A Night Without Darkness- Robinson

A Christmas Dress for Ellen- Monson

Mr. Edwards Meets Santa Claus and The First Christmas- Wilder

When Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem- Brickey

Financial Literacy & Character-building

The Science of Getting Rich- Wattles

The Richest Man in Babylon- George S. Clason

The Gettysburg Address-Lincoln, speech

Give me liberty or give me death-Henry,  speech

Declaration of Independence- Jefferson, et al.

The Man With the Hoe-Markham, a poem

The majesty of calmness- William George Jordan

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