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Oh, my stars!

As I said in my last post, I imagined my glitter hearts at Christmas as I was making some 3-D star ornaments.  Here’s how those went together:  First, I began with a slice of cardboard and a cookie cutter.  Chipboard is better, but I didn’t have anything large enough at the time.  I outlined the star and trimmed it out.  This became my template.  My cookie cutter came in a package of 3 sizes, so I actually made 3 sizes of stars.  Tiny, medium, and large.

Each 3-D star needs two matching cardboard stars.  Set one star aside, and work with the second for now.

scored star

On one side of the star, use a craft knife or utility knife to score from each tip to the center.  Cut through only one layer, not all the way through.  Flip the star over, and on the other side score from the inside corners to the center.

Scored and folded star

This scoring allows the star to bend, making the lines as straight as possible.  Make a fold at each score line, bending the scored edges away from each other.

Putting the star together

The folded star “pops” up.  Use a piece of craft wire (about 8″ long to make a loop.  Place a dot of hot glue about 1/2″ from one point of the flat star and adhere the wire loop to it.  Place the scrunched, folded star on top and hot glue the sides together.  trim excess cardboard from the flat side of the star.

Here is the finished star, ready to be sealed and decorated.

If the star will be painted or glittered, fill in the score lines with hot glue and smooth with a straight edge (like a spare piece of paper, knife, of popsicle stick).  If covering the star with paper, filling the line is unnecessary.  I made some covered with vintage book pages, left over from the woven star ornaments, and I made some covered with glitter.

A thin coat of glue and a sprinkle of ultra-fine glass glitter, or a gluestick, paper, and a coating of shimmery paint make these stars really sparkle!

This was a great way to keep my hands busy while I watched Christmas movies!  I even kept working on them once Christmas was over.  I want to decorate for New Year’s Eve this  year with TONS of stars!

For now, I’m going back to my Anniversary prep and Prince Charming!  Until later,


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