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Hearts, glitter, and whimsy

I am having a lot of fun as I continue in my preparation for my anniversary with some crafty projects and with finding more quotes to inspire me.  I love pulling out my boxes of decorations after a year has passed!  I love the tradition of decorating (just like I do for Thanksgiving and Christmas) because it sets apart the time of year with visual reminders.  I like the familiarity of seeing old things, the novelty of things I haven’t seen in a while, and the mental shift that gets me thinking, “Yay, I get to celebrate my marriage!”

Several years ago, I made a garland to hang in my front room.  I used lots of glass glitter (it is shinier and prettier than regular glitter), cardstock, crepe paper, paper valentine doilies, glue, a grommet kit, heavy craft wire, and some vintage pictures out of a book I had on hand.  Its showing its age and I am in the process of remaking it.  I don’t know if I’ll finish it on time for my anniversary, but definitely before V-Day.  Just in case, I want to share this now.  If I get the new one done, I’ll post that, too.

I made this back in 2002. I love the red glass glitter and the vintage pictures. I definitely want to remake this, and I will make my new one more durable.

This is probably my favorite heart! I used the red glass glitter, two sizes of paper heart doilies- one metallic, one matte, some printed scrapbook paper, and some cream-colored cardstock, on which I printed the "ooh, la la!" I punched a hole in each side, and used a grommet kit to make them sturdy. Heavy gauge craft wire in black connected each heart. I wrapped each end around a pencil several times to make them curly cued.

I used the same basic method for each heart and just changed out the embellishments. This one- Eternal Courtship- I think is a cute idea. I have decided that I will replace the white glitter with silver in my new one though-- the white doesn't stay as sparkly over time as the silver will.

This one- Be still me heart- is a little different. I used smaller hearts, and overlapped them over the banner, which I printed and lined with ruffled crepe paper. Crepe paper can be found online in sheets, but I just cut a roll of party crepe paper in half, gathered it, and stitched it. The stitching isn't required, but I thought it made gathering it around the edges of the paper easier for me.

This "Sweetheart" heart is pretty cute! I used scalloped scissors to ruffle the white layer and crepe paper, again, behind that.

One mistake I made was I used cardstock for the hearts.  Cardstock isn’t sturdy enough and the glue warps the paper, so I will use chipboard when I remake it.  The grommets were a great idea, and in chipboard, they’s last forever.  (Eventually, two of them pulled out of the cardstock.)  Maybe my attachment to something made of paper and glue is a bit silly, but my joy, creativity, and celebration went into making it, and every time I put it up, I remember that.  I think that feeling is what the attachment is all about….

Next, I made some glitter hearts.  I had the idea at Christmas when I figured out 3-D star ornaments for my tree.  I did not post them!  I just ran out of time, but I’ll put up a separate post for them with how-to’s.

Each 3-D heart has a solid heart at the back (left) and a second heart at the right. I used the scoring blade on my paper cutter to make my fold lines straight. I made one fold right down the middle, folding right sides together, and one fold on each side (back sides together) along the dotted lines. Across each of the curves at the top of the heart, I made a fold (back sides together), and made a small snip into the heart where the bold lines are. The snips allow one side of the snip to overlap the other (held with hot glue), which made the curve 3-dimensional. Once the two top points were glued, I set that aside and clipped a piece of wire about eight inches long. I made a loop by twisting the edges together. I hot glued my heart (folded in an accordian-like manner) to the flat heart with the connected edges of the wire attached right in the middle between the two layers. The folded heart is a little smaller, so I let the hot glue set, and trimmed the edges. A good, even coat of craft glue and then one of glass glitter, and the heart was finished.  This is a real “close-up,” yet this star is about 2″ wide and 3″ tall.

I love to reuse things! I knew I wanted lots of small glitter stars, and since I can't buy much right now, I used my "thrifty gene"- My family loves using drink packets, and the boxes make great layers for my stars.

This is a template for the silver star above. I just free-handed a heart and played around until I got it.

Deep red glitter heart! This is just a larger version of the other one. It is about seven inches in width. I used a box from a recent book shipment. The deep red glitter is really bold, I think.

When I'm on a roll, I want to get whatever I can out of getting messy!

I made five 3-D hearts, then I decided to make some slightly larger flat hearts.  I used the same sized boxes as before, but made the hearts longer.  (I made about 15 of those.)  I could assemble the flat hearts much more quickly, so I don’t know which ones I like better.  For the flat ones, I inserted my wire loop between two layers, hot glued,and made a seal around the edge.  Smoothing off the edge allows the glitter to coat the edge without defining the line between the papers.  I only glittered the front (because I want to make my glitter stretch), but both sides could be glittered if the hearts would hang and be seen from both sides.  I also used the bottom of a candy box that my band was given at christmas.  The material was just as thick as craft store chipboard, so I like its sturdiness.  I cut one dramatically long, thin heart (picture above) from the center, and I found that the two angles left over were enough to give me a matching heart with a little hot glue splicing.  I have one hanging on each side of my mantle, which is still a work in progress.   I really love the silver glass glitter!

I believe I have mentioned previously that I adore ribbon…well, I do!  I hang ribbon every chance I get.  Autumn, Christmas, Anniversary, Spring, and Independence Day-  coordinating ribbons everywhere!  Even on the dining room chandelier.  I want to recover the shades, and if I get around to it, I’ll share, but for now- my fixture sports red and white polka dot ribbons, red grossgrain ribbon knots, and miniature heart ornaments.

My dining room is north-facing, so it doesn't receive a lot of natural light. I brighten it up with extra color. Silly? I know! 🙂

My favorite heart ornaments are vintage ones I've had for years- they're glass, deep red, and have a sprinkling of glass glitter just on the top, but these are just cheapy ones I picked up a couple years ago from Walmart or Target. They are plastic, so I don't need to worry about them being bumped off and breaking. They're still cute and shiny.

I have several projects to go; a couple are digital, and a couple hands-on!  The next I’ll start, even before redoing my banner is to make a Prince Charming for my Queen of Hearts!

Queen of Hearts by Nicole Sayre (2006) Retired.

I bought her back in 2006.  She was designed by Nicole Sayer and I think she’s great; however, she needs a man!  I had the idea three years ago, but I just couldn’t do it then.  My imagination has him patterened similarly to the Disney Prince Charming- black hair and blue eyes (that’s Steven) sash across the suit, etc., but all I have so far are some rough sketches.  I think I’ll make him of cold porcelain over a wire frame.   This may be my Friday night splurge, since I am all caught up on my studies….hmm!

Well, until I have more to share,


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