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If its forever, treat it differently

Copyright: Ginger Wiltbank @ The Amateur Writer:

I wanted to share this with you since I wrote the Remembering Romance post.  Thanks to Ginger at The Amateur Writer, I can!  The address by F. Burton Howard, from which this was taken, touched my heart when I heard it originally.  I am glad for an opportunity to share it with you.

(Technical error with encoding:  the video is in the next post.)

I watched a film a couple of nights ago whose main character was a young man who didn’t believe in marriage.  His claim is a common claim these days:  once a couple marries, they begin taking one another for granted, lose the spark of romance between them, and life becomes drudgery.  After nearly losing the love of his life, he realized that giving the relationship the definition of marriage was worth the risks because the bond it creates is stronger than a couple’s bond may be otherwise.  The definition gives each person a right over and a say with the other’s life.  Modern people may say this isn’t necessary, or even degrading, but I don’t believe that.  I believe marriage provides a witness to my life, a sounding board, a protection, a complement to my strengths, and grace for my weaknesses.

My lunch break is over and my children and I need to pursue the rest of our studies for the day, so until next time…


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