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Remembering Romance

At the end of the month, my husband and I will celebrate our 19th anniversary.  We’ve had our ups and downs; we’ve had rough days and rough years, yet we’re in this for the long haul.  We believe in eternity!  Marriage isn’t easy, nor is it meant to be a walk in the park.  It is meant to teach, protect, and strengthen.  Some moments feel more like teaching, testing moments, yet for me that’s ok.

For the past week, I’ve gathered more quotes and ideas for celebrating.  I’ll be posting some of them under my love tag, but there are more on my Pinterest Romance board.  Check those out if you like.

Shifting mental gears; bear with me:  I have never been very impressed with Valentine’s day.  For me, it isn’t a religious holiday; it seems over-hyped by retailers; and, most of all, can present perfect opportunities for people (women especially) to adopt an attitude of dissatisfaction.  However, years ago, I wanted to decorate, and I decided that I would decorate in mid-January and make my anniversary a month-long focus instead.  Now, my anniversary date resides right in the middle of that month, and Valentine’s day is right at the end.  I find having something big to celebrate brightens up the bleak, cold months of January and February.  So, we’ll have a lot of lovey-dovey stuff going on around my house.  I like to draw my children into it, because our marriage was the beginning of it all.

I want to remember: I want to remember where my husband and I are headed, why we chose each other, and all the great moments, sweet moments, strong moments.  I choose to remember the romance.

So, here are a couple of my favorite quotes, which I journaled long ago that bring a smile.

      ” 12 February, 1840

Already the 2nd day since our marriage; his love and gentleness is beyond everything, and to kiss that dear cheek, to press my lips to his, is heavenly bliss.  I feel a purer more unearthly feel than I ever did.  Oh! Was ever woman so blessed as I am.                             -from the journal of Queen Victoria”

Although I conquer all the earth,

Yet for me there is only one city.

In that city there is for me only one house;

And in that house, one room only;

And in that room, a bed.

And one woman sleeps there,

The shining joy and jewel of all my kingdom. 


       Sonnet XVII

Who will believe my verse in time to come,

If it were fill’d with your most high deserts?

Though yet, Heaven knows, it is but as a tomb

Which hides your life, and shows not half your parts.

If I could write the beauty of your eyes,

And in fresh numbers number all your graces,

The age to come would say, this poet lies,

Such heavenly touches ne’er touch’d earthly faces.

So should my papers, yellow’d with their age,

Be scorn’d, like old men of less truth than tongue;

And your true rights be term’d a poet’s rage,

And stretched metre of an antique song:

But were some child of yours alive that time,

You should live twice;- in it, and in my rhyme. 

  -William Shakespeare

(Steven always teases me about my love of Shakespeare’s sonnets and their abundance of beautiful eyes 🙂  But I still love them- Hence, two of my children’s names:  William and Sonnet.)

Well, I will be back with more about love, marriage, romance, etc. soon.  Until then,


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Christian, wife, mom of seven amazing teens and kiddles, home educator, homemaker, artist, college student, romantic, dreamer. I love for poetry, music, art, fashion and everything that makes life beautiful profoundly-(sigh!)

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