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A new theme- focusing more on Christ for Christmas


Hello, again!

Every few years I feel the need to switch things up a bit with my Christmas decorations!  For the past eight or nine years, my tree has sported a nature-ish theme, complete with bird houses, nests, and woodsy, piney ornaments.  I even had an angel topper, which tied in nicely.  However, I wanted to do something new this year- new colors at which to gaze for the next several weeks, and my jumping-off point was an adorable paper tree-topper I bought several years ago from BayberryCove, an online boutique.  It was a Nicole Sayer design licensed by Seasons of Cannon Falls, which was released in 2006   The problem was, it had some wear and tear showing from several years of use.  I could not bear the idea of parting with it, and the design has been discontinued, so I decided to pull it apart and remake it.  The original had adorable scrolly, script paper with Christmas phrases.  Because I didn’t have any on hand, I thought about what I could make to print on cardstock.  I decided that instead of Noel and Merry Christmas (which are fine), I wanted scriptural phrases about Christ.  On its own, no one will ever guess the change in my star; yet, as I looked up references to type up in a pretty font, I thought, “Jesus Christ is the light of the world…Light…stars… this year I will make a light themed tree with stars of different types, and with more of the same quotes from my new original tree topper star.

The tinsel star is not mine- it was part of the original topper, and so is the center, which is made of crepe paper and an embossed foil star. I added the ribbons because I am nuts over ribbons!

So, brainstorming, I went through the scriptures looking for scriptures about Jesus Christ, His birth, His purpose, about light, about being His disciples, being children of light, and letting your light shine, etc. This is just where I want to go mentally this year.  This is where my heart wants to focus!  I typed up a couple of pages, and doubled it in Microsoft Word so I may use the same file for several designs.  Here’s a link to my file: .  1) I typed them up on cardstock, using a cream color and deep black ink for contrast, 2) cut the sheet in half lengthwise,  3)used pinking scissors on one edge of each half.  I chose to leave the blank margin un-pinked because it becomes the middle of the star and is not seen.  4)Then I measured and scored the sheets with the scoring blade on my paper-cutter. 5) I folded them accordion-style and crimped both halves like a fan.  6)Turning the pinched, margin edges together, I hot glued them securely together, fanned out the open sides until they formed a circle I overlapped the edges of the accordion folds and glued them together.  The pinking around the edges gives a subtle softness to the design. Once I finished my new circle, I hot glued it to the tinsel star and replaced the crepe paper-star disk, which nicely covers the seams of my new scripture circle.

Can you make out any of the script?

From scratch, this would require some craft wire one medium and one thick, a length of thin tinsel from the dollar store, Walmart, etc., one sheet of card stock and access to a printer, some crepe paper and an embellishment for the center; perhaps lace, beads, paper, or whatever you may have on hand.  It would only cost a couple of dollars. To continue the theme, I am making  a garland to tie into my mantle design, with the scriptures printed on cardstock, cut out with pinked edges, and bordered with glass glitter in silver and gold.  I will attach them to a ribbon, which will go in with my other garland or swag.  I am also making new star ornaments, some of paper, some of fabric, and some of cold porcelain.  It’s going to be lovely!  I’ll share more as I finish them up!  Until then,


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