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Winter Romance, part 2

Hi, again!

I am beginning to make some progress on my Christmas projects.  In past years, I’ve been well under way by mid-October; however, being in school full-time and juggling my fabulous kiddles has made “projecting” (as my big brother calls it) a little more challenging this time around.  I am bound and determined to sneak in whatever I can, especially in pursuit of romance.

I have always adored the idea of hanging mistletoe or kissing balls- how fun and romantic!  Right now I am feeling a little too frugal to spend $3 or 4 on dried mistle toe because, in my opinion, they do not store well from year-to-year.  I want the experience without the broken little bits ending up in the bottom of my ornament storage boxes, and, without having to buy them new each year.  I was excited when I found someone else’s brilliant idea on Pinterest (I love, love, love Pinterest!) and decided to try making felt mistletoe.  You can find the link to a pattern on my Pinterest Christmas Holiday Craft and Decor board or @  So, here is one of my little bunches- still a work in progress:

I downloaded the pattern and reduced it because I wanted my mistletoe sized more like the real thing.  I used a dark green craft felt I picked up at Walmart for 20 cents a sheet, although I think it would be lovely to make some in the future with some great felted wool; if I find the right color sweater at a thrift store.  I repurposed the ribbon  from something I worked on last year, and the little glass pearl beads were only $1.30 at the craft store.  I have plenty of them left over for something else wonderful, too!  So, all in all, for less than $2.00 (including tax) I made a few of these.  I may try repositioning the felt layers to make them a little longer and more spindly, but I thought this was cute.  Now I am giddy with excitement over the idea of hanging these up!  I think I’ll use some clear thread, so they hand down without seeming too weighted.  Doesn’t something like this put you in the mindframe for some sparking?  Now, if I can just convince my three adorable daughters not to torment their big brothers about kisses too much….Well, until my next idea comes along,


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Christian, wife, mom of seven amazing teens and kiddles, home educator, homemaker, artist, college student, romantic, dreamer. I love for poetry, music, art, fashion and everything that makes life beautiful profoundly-(sigh!)

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