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Amazing Films for families dealing with disabilities or learning curves

A couple of months ago I watched actor/producer Aamir Khan in an amazing role in his film Like Stars on Earth- a story of a little boy struggling with dyslexia.  Parts of the movie show the heartbreak that a child endures when misunderstood and condemns the actions of unobservant, callous adults.  The triumph of both the boy, Ishaan, and his teacher exhibit so much joy and dedication.  I love this film and I am excited that it will receive more exposure worldwide because it is distributed by Walt Disney Home Entertainment.  This film addresses some serious issues, so its PG rating is right on- yet my 12-year-old twins were old enough to intelligently discuss this issue and it presented some great lessons.  We deal with some learning delays and this was an example of hope for us.  I also had an opportunity to guide them through a discussion about not judging others and about expecting themselves to excel- that each of them should relentlessly explore and discover what they are brilliant about and then take off with it!

I mentioned My Name is Khan a few months ago.  This movie has one of my favorite leading men- Shahrukh Khan- and he was amazing in his portrayal of a man living with Asperger’s Syndrome.  I was absolutely stunned by it!  One thing I love about this film is that his character really lived!  He carried on with life and managed to touch the lives of many.  Oftentimes children and adults living with conditions/disorders are overlooked, shunned, and taken for granted, yet the people who know and love them are changed profoundly by the contribution these loved ones make.  They do not see life as others may, yet they see things in life and in others that other people cannot see without assistance!  Love this movie!


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