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A growing family!

This weekend my “little” sister married an awesome guy, Mathew, whom I am looking forward to getting to know better.  I wish we had more opportunities to become acquainted while they were dating, yet we still have time.  I just need to make more of an effort now because they are living two states away.  I am excited for them and I am grateful to have a new brother!  So cool!  Weddings and other family times are so amazing- so many people come together to show support and love!  Those are the occasions that make me feel like pulling out my hair while I am preparing for them, yet they sustain me during tough times year-round.  I need practice at keeping proper perspective when I deal with physically demanding situations.

So, Heathyr and Mathew rode off into the sunset Saturday night.  They’re headed toward all sorts of new adventures!  Meanwhile, we haven’t moved, but our entire family moves onward and upward.  My eldest son, Joshua, is on to the local university where he signed up for a heavy course load including Chinese and Engineering courses.  He will earn his Associates of Science in Pre-Engineering in time to take a leave from his education and serve a mission for our church.  He is so excited!

I have encouraged all my children to earn an AA before graduating from high school, earn a bachelor’s degree A.S.A.P., and pursue a master’s degree.  I think earning an education is much easier while the student is young and before opportunities for marriage and family come along.  I would never tell any of my children not to marry; however, education prepares people for a better life and strengthens who they are as individuals, which makes better parents, too.  Each of them knows he or she is responsible for personal life and educational choices, yet they are becoming aware of the difficulties they may avoid with study, work, and preparation.  I am working to be an example to them so they know these types of goals are achievable no matter what stage of life.  Joshua is just beginning his AA, yet because he graduated a year early he will complete his goal in a year and a half by working through the summer.  William, my wonderful second-born, loves technology so he is pursuing his high school course work with an emphasis on computer and science classes.  He is taking courses at the local high school- the first in my family to enroll- and taking courses online and through home study, too.  Christian, my 9th grader is pysched by anything to do with dance or sports.  He is taking Ballroom, two foreign languages, and extra PE through the middle school.  He is my social bug, so he is uber-excited to be in a classroom environment for part of the day this year, too.  My twins, Simon and Grace, are phenomenal people.  We are working on that transition from child to teen.  The “tween” thing has proved highly difficult for them so far- bodies growing at a faster rate than their emotional and social maturity can keep pace, I think.  This year will be magical for them because we are concentrating on some of the things they love and working on developing some of their love of learning.  Abigail is about to turn 9!  She is a tiny, little fireball!  She has so much spunk and attitude she cracks me up!  Sometimes she is a tough sell, yet when she commits to learning something, she gives it all she has.  Sonnet is five now, which means we are officially into Kindergarten and I am officially sans babies!

My prayers are that I have enough energy to give them the best I can find, that the resources each of my children needs will open up for them, and that they find purpose and motivation in everything they must do so that they are prepared for the things they want to do!

Welcome to the 2011-2012 year!


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