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Phases of motherhood

The weather is drizzly at the moment; we had snow earlier today.  My children humor me with the thermostat set warmer than they’d prefer and I am grateful for it.  I have the opportunity to take three days off in a row from my studies and I plan to use it wisely.  I have a variety on the agenda:  wrap up the children’s studies for the week; read How to argue like Jesus: learning persuasion from history’s greatest communicator, by Joe Carter & John Coleman; sprout grains and seed in preparation for making raw granola; spend a couple of hours on my Hindi practice; start another round of seeds indoors (the tomatoes, cukes, zucchini, pumpkins, melons, etc.); watch a couple of Bollywood flicks; and spend some time with my best friend, Simone, and with my family.  Oh, I get to prepare a lesson for the sweet four-year old boys I’ll teach on Sunday, and have the children help me with the housework and laundry, but that really never ends…

I am seriously enjoying this phase in motherhood.  My baby, Sonnet, is nearly five.  Five!  I cannot believe it.  I get so wrapped up with all the adult and teen things that I must force myself to switch gears to play and nurture her.  How did that happen?  I was in baby mode for such a long time, and somehow I lost all my play.  We are going to live it up though.  I am determined to explore more, and remember those things I began to lose over the last couple of years.  Abigail (Abi), Sonnet, and I are trying out a new recipe for bakeable play clay today.  I think we should find some fantastic designs to paint whatever we create. 

Yesterday I shared Jane Eyre with my oldest daughter, Grace.  She was enthralled!  (Hee hee!)  I love that I can share magical things with my children – whether it is Bronte or Austin, a nearly four-hour long Indian film, or some other fascination of mine – and they all “get it!”  What a phase to experience.  I am profoundly grateful.


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Christian, wife, mom of seven amazing teens and kiddles, home educator, homemaker, artist, college student, romantic, dreamer. I love for poetry, music, art, fashion and everything that makes life beautiful profoundly-(sigh!)

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