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I have a few random thoughts I want to spend a couple additional moments musing over, so I am taking advantage of the blog for a moment.  One of the discussions I had with my children today was about friendship, and relationships in general.  I read with them from 1 Samuel Ch. 20 about the friendship between David and Jonathan.  What trust, love, and loyalty there was between them.  That took  me to my next thought I wanted to share with them about charity= the pure love of Christ.  Sometimes pure love is difficult to achieve, but I thought about that quote from the Upanishad again- see myself in all men and all men in myself, then I will lose all fear.  During a recent re-viewing of one of my favorite Bollywood romances I enjoyed the concept in another way.  In discussions of romantic love, the characters remarked that they had fallen in love after seeing God in the other person.  I think these philosophies are all linked.  Like David and Jonathan, I will naturally want to give more for someone whom I love as much as my own soul.  Something that could seem like a grand sacrifice becomes a negligible inconvenience when the care behind the action is great.  What would happen in my home, in my peace, in my soul, if I saw not only myself but my God- his nature, his majesty, his virtues- in every person?  How may my spirit soften toward those for whom I feel little understanding or with whom I perceive little common ground?  I think this goes far beyond a mental comprehension of the nature of every human being a child of God.  My prayer is to actually see it for myself, to have a witness and then be a witness of their nature.  I am hungry for this experience.  I challenged my children to make this a matter of prayer regarding every relationship they have in their lives.  I am excited to begin a new length of  this journey I share with my family- my whole human family.  I am humbled to share the world with you!  Thank you for being here now, today!  Make it a great day!  Huge hugs!  🙂 -Shoshannah


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Christian, wife, mom of seven amazing teens and kiddles, home educator, homemaker, artist, college student, romantic, dreamer. I love for poetry, music, art, fashion and everything that makes life beautiful profoundly-(sigh!)

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