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On my way to another transition

I am facing another round of finals this week; praying I can continue on earning good marks.  Yes, I am a perfectionist who constantly grumbles at herself for every tenth or hundredth point lost on any assignment.  Yes, I want to preserve my GPA.  More importantly, I want to make the effort in this journey worthwhile.  I cannot think of losing time in this LifeSchool.  I know, overly intense….I am an idealist. 

Today I tackled one of the few remaining assignments for my Critical and Creative Thinking course.  Interesting course.  The assignment was to look up several commencement speeches and analyze the message and delivery of the favorite one.  What a task!  I found a few with stunning titles and I believe I will spend a few minutes a day for a month or so proverbially sitting at the feet of these successful and inspiring people.  The first I viewed through a youtube link from Stanford University.  Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and Pixar, gave this speech in 2005.  His message was wonderful and held perspective that was profound and beautiful.  The second speech, give to the MIT graduates of 2001 was titled, Galileo and the search for truth, by Daniel S. Goldin, a rocket scientist with NASA. 

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to take a breather from the heavy moments, the to-do lists, and the dreaded “shoulds” in my life and breathe in inspiration, time with my children whom I adore, and enjoy the “uplifts” (as my psych text calls them) that balance out all the day-to-day doldrums and hassles. 

I am grateful for lifelong learning, scripture study, prayer, meditation, and this wonderful world I get to live in as my LifeSchool dorm.


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Christian, wife, mom of seven amazing teens and kiddles, home educator, homemaker, artist, college student, romantic, dreamer. I love for poetry, music, art, fashion and everything that makes life beautiful profoundly-(sigh!)

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